2015 West India tour

Right, So here I was in the middle of July, buying and packing my stuff for a motorcycle tour to Ladakh, a byword for Paradise but then life had other plans. Check this out for the story. In short, my ride from Bangalore to Leh Ladakh was cancelled so I randomly went Solo on my


Monsoon ride to nowhere!

I wanted to update the interesting part 2 of the ride to Chickmagalur blog but I got too occupied in figuring out things for my next ride. I do plan to write it soon though. The monsoon is finally here and it is this time of the year when I was supposed to ride to LEH Ladakh, my


Unplanned Tours- Chickmagalur part 1

So it was another weird week and I badly wanted to wander off. I told my friend Krishna who was joining me on the journey to screw everything else and leave on a Friday instead of a Saturday. He too agreed in an jiffy- Riders never say no to a ride. Its like Drunkards never


Solo Ride Chapter 2: Mumbai - Bangalore

If you wanna know how I reached Mumbai in the first place on my KTM Duke 390,  you should read Solo Ride chapter 1- Bangalore- Pune- Mumbai I got done with my meeting in Mumbai, I tried looking for other reasons to stay but found none except one- packing my stuff. I was very lazy to pack all


The world up there- the world of birds [huge_it_portfolio id=”1″]

Solo Ride Chapter 1: Bangalore- Pune- Mumbai

A long Solo ride teaches one many things, especially about themselves but it mainly puts a lot of mental, physical and emotional parameters to test. This idea occurred to me when I had an appointment scheduled in Mumbai and it had been long since I hit the blacktop for a looong ride. I had the

Maya- A 4 year old Tigress who holds a primary territory called Pandherpauni in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra She is known for her grace and long duration catwalks. Tiger Purists state her to be one of the most beautiful tigresses of the country. She is often seen around the Tadoba lake. Thanks to all those

Leopard Tales: Curiosity that almost killed me- 1

I’d like share this jungle tale of a busy Sleeping Indian Leopard that I recently spotted on my trip to Nagarhole Tiger reserve (Kabini). Actually, it was one of the very experienced naturalists/guides who spotted this elusive creature with his radar eyes, a challenging task as you can see how well the cat has blended with