Sunday ride to the Savannah

So it was another weekend and we certainly didn’t want to do one of those usual 4 lane blacktop breakfast rides. Two of my friends including me, badly needed a whiff of fresh air, Dew drops, some energy from the sunrise and of course, the smell of mud! Consequently, we headed towards the grasslands on the


Monsoon ride to nowhere!

I wanted to update the interesting part 2 of the ride to Chickmagalur blog but I got too occupied in figuring out things for my next ride. I do plan to write it soon though. The monsoon is finally here and it is this time of the year when I was supposed to ride to LEH Ladakh, my


Unplanned Tours- Chickmagalur part 1

So it was another weird week and I badly wanted to wander off. I told my friend Krishna who was joining me on the journey to screw everything else and leave on a Friday instead of a Saturday. He too agreed in an jiffy- Riders never say no to a ride. Its like Drunkards never


Solo Ride Chapter 2: Mumbai - Bangalore

If you wanna know how I reached Mumbai in the first place on my KTM Duke 390,  you should read Solo Ride chapter 1- Bangalore- Pune- Mumbai I got done with my meeting in Mumbai, I tried looking for other reasons to stay but found none except one- packing my stuff. I was very lazy to pack all

Solo Ride Chapter 1: Bangalore- Pune- Mumbai

A long Solo ride teaches one many things, especially about themselves but it mainly puts a lot of mental, physical and emotional parameters to test. This idea occurred to me when I had an appointment scheduled in Mumbai and it had been long since I hit the blacktop for a looong ride. I had the