Rascalous Reviews

You will find here, the analysis of products used by me on motorcycle rides and adventure tours.

Note: Opinions of products in the reviews are strictly, not backed by money or any other non monetary benefit!


Reviewed! 60,000+ KMS Alpinestars Viper Textile Air Jacket

Since I started touring PROPERLY in 2013, I had this inclination towards expensive, good looking jackets. I wanted one that was bright and went well with my KTM Duke 390. The problem back then was the non- availability of good quality, long lasting value for money jackets. The market for such products was as old


The Indian ADV scene & they just grabbed you by the...But, its a BMW!

The thing that’s been stunningly hilarious, frustrating and stupid lately is the pricing BMW Motorrad India launched the G310R and G310GS motorcycles at! For around 4.5 lakhs on road in India, and some called it ‘decent’ pricing. Why? Well, because its a BMW! But is it? I’m not sure if BMW Motorrad was inspired by


Basecamp GPS phone mount for motorcycles- Reviewed!

My struggles with navigating the streets of unknown cities were endless. I’m a little bad with directions plus I hated stopping repeatedly to check my phone’s GPS. I needed something that was in my field of vision, something that was waterproof, was spacious enough to hold loose change and was able to accommodate another phone


2017 KTM Duke 390: First ride

My life took a deviation when I bought my 2014 KTM Duke 390 and since then, it’s been a wild ride. When Bajaj KTM launched the totally revamped 2017 KTM Duke 390, thousands of speculations floated around. They did make me curious but not excited, after all I wasn’t looking to buy another Duke 390.


Bajaj Dominar 400 First ride impression

So while a lot of reviews released and spoke all nice things about the much awaited and not much awaited Dominar 400, I thought of finding out myself. Not because I’m interested in it or something, but because it’s a very interesting motorcycle itself, in every way! A 400-ish cc motorcycle priced close to a


MT Blade Helmet- Reviewed!

I needed a helmet that was ideal for for my oval skull shape, had plenty of vents with comfortable lining inside so my beard didn’t itch and most importantly, one that emitted happy vibes from its color. The previous helmet I owned was a white SOL SL-68S, the plain version of its ‘metal man’ series. I dropped


Reviewed! Air cushion from Ride-on-Air

I had heard a lot about how effective air seats are for long motorcycle tours and I wanted to try one out badly! Whenever I rode through an area that holds too much moisture and heat for long, the hard stock seat of my KTM becomes troublesome as a lot of heat gets trapped between


Reviewed- Phone mounts from Rynox!

Last year when I rode across India and explored various places, I felt the need for a strong phone mount which I could use to mount my phone and use it for GPS navigation ONLY! The thing about handlebar mounts is that no matter how much you spend on them, no matter how sturdy they are,


Wildlife photography in India and why it is so screwed up!

You know, it’s easy to say that you should follow your passion and make a living out of it. Everybody says if you turn passion into profession, you can be happy in life. But is that true? Firstly, there is lots of difference between passion, hobby and doing something because you enjoy doing it. Passion