2016: The Ride to LEH Ladakh

I ride out on a solo adventure from Bangalore to LEH Ladakh and back on my KTM Duke 390


Ladakh ride 2016: Sarchu- Leh

So I spent a day in Sarchu and walked around, took pictures, put my gear to dry. All that was primarily to acclimatize myself to the ‘high’. In the process of doing so, I met a lot of travellers, at the dhabha where I stayed. Most just halted for snacks and continued towards LEH while


Ladakh ride 2016: Jispa- Sarchu

I woke up to the mooing of cows in my warm tent, which was getting hot by the minute as the sun shined bright and hot at 7.30 AM. I thought the cows had entered the campsite and the fear of one of them crashing into my tent was annoying me. I first peeped out


Ladakh ride 2016: Keylong- Jispa

After a good night’s sleep in Keylong, we woke up at our own convenience at around 9.30 AM. I’d love to head out and check the mountains out in the morning so I did exactly that, took some peak shots and annoyed Satish so he’d get out of bed and we could go have breakfast


Ladakh ride 2016: Chandigarh- Manali- Keylong

The climb to LEH Ladakh was happening through Manali, so I started early from Chandigarh and took a different route towards Manali than what I had taken the previous year. This route went directly through Shimla and then connected to the Manali highway. I did my best to maintain speed, the road was a mixed bag


Ladakh Ride 2016: Bangalore- Chandigarh

I had it in my mind and heart since long that I’d be leaving to LEH- Ladakh from Bangalore in June 2016 but didn’t have specific dates planned. All I knew is that I just HAD to go there this year, no matter what happened! But then, what about my new job that would be